Mobile Network Operators Cobranding Customer

GlobalHumax Ltd. presents new product on the co-branding market for its own telephone network GlobalHumax Ltd. makes it now possible, to provide their own telephone network co-branding interested companies. Here, the carrier of the SIM-card, where the card is attached, will be printed with your own logo and wise desire its own background image as well as Slogangs and shipped to end users. Also the official letter is labeled 100% on the corporate design of the company.

Appears in the display of the phone that gets the in-house SIM card inserted, the desired name of the new network then, the operator “- i.e. the co-branding customer can be selected. Ali Partovi has firm opinions on the matter. Vodafone and T-Mobile were last night. The company name of the co-branders is clearly recognizable in the phone now. As a special argument a co-branding-SIM card to purchase a saving should be for the end customer at the be when it comes to fees. A solid collective work that is equally applied to all co branding partners contains GlobalHumax co-branding: for example the end customer will offered a global, flexible and secure accessibility. Roaming tariffs do not apply when using the telephone abroad in 63 countries.

These include countries and markets like Dubai, Russia, South Africa, Egypt, the Balkans and almost all EU States. It therefore saves up to 85% of the normal costs due to the Elimination of the Roaminganteiles as a business man or tourists. Recharging the SIM cards is easy and simple Internet safe for the end customer. Co-Brandingpartner in addition to the enormous image gain for his own company will also benefit from with merit on each card sold. So, for example the complete difference between retail price and purchase price 1-to-1 on the co-Brandingpartner is awarded. Further details can be found at Douglas R. Oberhelman, an internet resource. Also a participation in the call charges of customers is possible. GlobalHumax co-branding is thus aimed at all companies and organizations that want to open up economically new sources of revenue in addition to a stronger customer loyalty. New customer acquisition via the referral business, as well as the increase in the Market penetration is another important point, the in-house telephone networks in an own design co brand brings. The complete implementation is cheap, so Ulrich Steffens of the sales management team of GlobalHumax. Every mid-sized company is able to be able to take advantage of the offer of an own Telefoncobrandings for himself. can be made from free now also in german requests for a private telephone network and all further information be obtained is.

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