Family Constellations – How Do I Find A Good Stand?

It gives criteria or AIDS, like me ‘ good ‘ display, a good Aufstellerin can find? In the meantime many people the concept of family constellations “heard. And it is how it is supposed to be people who rave about it, and people who report bad experiences differently. And to the person of Hellinger, who has not invented the method, but significantly enriched and made known, opinions differ anyway. “I am interested in a family constellation session adopted there is a good criteria or AIDS, like I” display, a good Aufstellerin can find? Even if constellation is now applied by physicians and psychotherapists, the major part of the provider are naturopaths, life consultant, or other names. And then there are Internet portals, where therapists and other service providers offer their help. Continue to learn more with: Ilan Ben Dov. But usually not a statement about the quality of the providers connected. There are now associations and institutions, fortunately the is the quality of the Providers have written on the flags.Because there is no standardized training for this new method, there are institutions that want to convey knowledge about three weekends, and institutes, offering a 4-year training! A first option is to see the Web pages of the associations.

There is the German society for systemic constellations DGfS ( Here, doctors, psychotherapists and alternative practitioners are listed, who have completed at least 2 years training according to established criteria. Naturopaths must also have a 3-year training in a further method. A look at is advisable for organisational constellations. There are organizational consultants and coaches, who have to prove also a comprehensive and in-depth training, and a corresponding qualification as a system stand. And as a third organisation, should be mentioned. The participants of the 4-year education of the SySt Institute in Munich can be found here (, which is managed by INSA Sparrer and Matthias Varga von Kibed.Both have significantly evolved the constellations with their formats of systemic structural constellations. Now a good education is one of them, but guaranteed of course not automatically a corresponding Haltung.Und is just as important the therapist if mine, the therapist is human ‘.

” Family constellations are often offered as individual weekend event.This may be sufficient in some cases. In the therapeutic context it should require the diligence that a preliminary diagnostic, and definitely a talk is offered. Even though the fact it went bad after a statement people is extremely rare (if the stand is carefully worked) embedding in a therapeutic process should be a matter of course by now. Here, it can be a criterion whether the provider already addressed that by itself and offers.Depending on which requests you have and how big is the need for protection, this can an important note be or not. And last stand offer always the possibility, in a lineup as Deputy Observer”to take part. Then, I do still not my own concerns, can but as Deputy to provide me. This I am experiencing the difficult recordable phenomenon of Deputy perception”, that is indeed now scientifically verified, but in his Seltsamheit always fascinated. But, above all, how the installer works seen: carefully, or rather direkti, as he arrives at the client, he makes choices or not, he offered his paintings as truths, or can he explain sound and neutral, what is? Ultimately, you must but feel and have a good feeling. Because the stands are different, the client also. And it is true, the right display, finding the right Aufstellerin for himself. Learn more about the topic, see Christopher Bodirsky

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