Fight Constant

I remember that from age 17 always caught my attention issues of motivation, self-improvement, law of attraction and similar. I remember both, repeatedly listening to my collection of audios, videos of motivating Hispanic as Alex dey, Camilo Cruz, etc etc in each audio listening, always or mostly repeated the same principles. Each author to his style conveyed similar ideas from other authors. It is here where I found myself listening to audio of Dr. Camilo Cruz. In his audio proclaimed the importance of changing our belief system, our way of thinking. Yes!, what goes through our mind, the paradigms that we put every day in our lives, thinking that we cannot do something, just about any situation in particular, are some of the ideas with which Camilo Cruz battled everytime I listened to your audio done entering my head and don’t forget me never. Camilo Cruz has written many books, audio, video and programs all with the ability to make a profound change in the life of any person.

His book most famous is the fault of cow personally left me many valuable lessons in the teaches us that we all have immense potential to do what we project, but this potential is saved, locked up, chained! by our beliefs, by what we think. Camilo Cruz exhorts us to do what we want to achieve teaches us not to be slaves to our mistaken beliefs. Camilo Cruz tells us: If we think that it is wrong that we are going to do, it is indeed bad, however if we think that the action we are going to take this well, will it be all it depends on what we are if our beliefs are wrong to believe at that time, we will be doing things wrong. Camilo Cruz is one of most influential Hispanics motivators of all time, their books, their videos, their audio, they have allowed many people to be best at what they do. If there is something that I learned about our belief system is I owe it to Camilo cruz! Do you have learned something in specific Camilo Cruz? There is a teaching of Camilo Cruz that you have marked for always your life and your way of thinking?

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