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Work and motivation, motivation and testimonials PR profession, motivation and testimonials in the beauty sector PR for beauty systems work and motivation 15 2008 – a few weeks ago, am Augustus I worked the VIP Italia beauty systems to inform the German beauty journalists. In the beginning, I was busy with the building of a German solution. Today I’m busy with the real “launches” a company that has installed more than 100,000 beauty systems worldwide in 88 countries and exist for nearly forty years. Filed under: Robert Bakish. It clearly shows us that successful companies by the quality can live their products very well. It proves us also that a company has made that no real publishing work, come to the point where the journalists now only hear about the VIP Italia! We have not only an invitation email sent the systems to check the beauty journalists but sent a complete information kit with the invitation by post and we hope that this information about VIP beauty systems anti-ageing and slimming for your readers and readers are interesting. You should know that men are more and more using this beauty systems. Viacom has much to offer in this field.

Why not? Men want to be more attractive, not just women. That the documents by mail sent we, also shows that electronic correspondence has its limitations reached! If journalists every day receive hundreds of press kits, how to find your way up? Testimonials are numerous testimonials. I personally have tested systems four VIP-Italia, so that I can communicate with you better: cromo, sunflower, Flash Evoluzione and complex systems. After the second 25-minute meeting with the complex of slimming treatment (Transion), I had lost 4.5 cm waist circumference. Of course you need more sessions (up to 11) to keep this new waist.

We have many clients of VIP Italia in Belgium, that can also confirm this and had to let the work to your wardrobe after the tenth session because their clothes to great become were! After a meeting with the new pulse light Evoluzione “Anti-ageing” Flash based skin treatment, my family and friends noticed an improvement in my skin. I wanted to share with this motivating results, because there are many testimonials, where the VIP-Italia systems are positively. Therefore we invited the beauty journalists to Brussels to check on the 8th or 9th September to the VIP Italia beauty systems. It is important to believe person in their products for a PR because communicate not only information but also a motivation in science that stands behind these technologies to convey is passed. There are so many Wissenchaftler that have been working for years with the improvement of beauty, and we should make use of it and be grateful. If you are more interested in technical details, I can put then later these efficient systems of beauty for face rejuvenation and slimming treatment a press release on Charlotte Gutman except home Publication Manager of VIP Italia by APT for Germany: + de.

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