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Publication Manager

Work and motivation, motivation and testimonials PR profession, motivation and testimonials in the beauty sector PR for beauty systems work and motivation 15 2008 – a few weeks ago, am Augustus I worked the VIP Italia beauty systems to inform … Continue reading

Pimples Removal Light

Permanently get rid of pimples or equal to full I know better avoid no man, don’t hate the pimples. Well, some people love them from expressing it. But nevertheless they are probably among his things on God’s Earth. Get all … Continue reading

Latest Technology

The latest technology makes off the wrinkle killer from the United States, it immediately aesthetic & more in Munich and bad Tolz. Wrinkle treatment – at last: look years younger without scalpel for years have Dr. Hofter and his team … Continue reading


Exif data is a set of data associated with a digital image that add information to it. Most models of digital cameras and mobile phones include these data when a picture is taken. The Exif specification was created by the … Continue reading