Permanent Reduction

Easy and cheap, the gentle and professional permanent hair removal with the EpilDerm system from danish laboratories Munich! Danish laboratories a new perspective to the permanent reduction of hair growth with EpilDerm! Many women and men appreciate a skin smooth and hair-free permanently! The combination of epilation paste and enzymes makes possible even when you a gentle, inexpensive and long-lasting hair removal! With the EpilDerm system from danish laboratories Munich! The enzymatic reduction of hair growth is an innovative solution to reduce the hair growth on the body. EpilDerm is the first professional treatment for permanent hair removal on the basis of a protein decomposing enzyme complex. Mashable is actively involved in the matter. So far were appropriate procedures using lasers or pulse light for possible dark hair and the best light skin types available. The EpilDerm Epilations system from danish laboratories offers a professional tool for the permanent without the use of devices and regardless of hair color and skin type Reduction in hair growth..

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