For Sell Nokia N96 16 Gb 450

FIRST CITYS electronics importer and the exporter of all BRAND NEW ELECTRONICS, phones, PDAs, laptops, iPods, games consoles, portable DVD, car DVD, MP3, MP4, LCD TV, plasma TV, DVD, Windows XP, IP phone, Usbtelefono, bluetooth headsets, etc articles purchased HeineBorel payment made via Western Union Money Transfer or MoneyGram.Estamos using this medium to look for buyers of mobile in todoel world, we are offering very low discounts with shipping gratispara cellphones and laptops. Place your order with your full address, postal code, phone contact ynumeros so that the question of its invoice pro forma yproceso of your shipment.Our phones are imported from Finland, Hungary and Singapore yviene with 18 months international warranty, are sealed of development original and complete accessories box, e.g. charger extrabateria and software c d. Phones are unlocked and compatible concualquier use of the network, specification: (Europe / USA.)UU.-especificaciones) General network GSM 900/GSM 1800/gsm 1900 platform of triple banda(GSM900 + 1800 + 1900 MHz: pais de origen de fabricacion:Finlandia, Hungria y Singapur.) Mobile Nokia.Nokia N95 8 gb $ 350Nokia N96.$ 450Nokia N90.$ 210Nokia N91.$ 200Nokia N92.$ 230Nokia N93.$ 290Nokia N93i N95 $ 300Nokia.$ 300Nokia N73.$ 210Nokia $220Nokia 8800 8801 Sirocco Edition… $ 300Nokia 9500 Communicator…$240 On Apple Iphone:reproductor laptop’s DVD store. iPhone 4 GB $ 350Apple.$ 230Apple iPhone 8 GB.$ 300Apple Iphone 4 16 GB $450 Sony Ericsson W900i $ 250Sony Ericsson K750i $ 170Sony Ericsson K610i $ 140Sony Ericsson K800i $ 175Sony Ericsson M600i $ 165Sony Ericsson P990i $ 300Sony Ericsson W710 $ 215Sony Ericsson W850i $ 230Sony Ericsson W900i $ 220 I-mate JAQ3 for $ 260i-mate NRAP for $ 240i-mate Ultimate 9150 by $ 400i-mate Ultimate 8150 by $ 360i-mate Ultimate 7150 by $ 340i-mate Ultimate 6150 by $ 310i-mate Ultimate 5150 by $280 HTC P5500 (HTC Nike).$ 550HTC P6500 (HTC Sirius)…S730 (HTC wings) $ 540HTC.$ 530HTC P4550 (HTC Kaiser)…$ 520HTC P3450 (HTC Elf)…$ 510HTC Advantage X 7501…$ 500HTC S420 (HTC Erato).$ 480HTC P6300 (HTC Panda) $ 460HTC S630 (HTC Cavalier 100) $ 450HTC P3400 (HTC Gene).$ 440HTC P3350 (HTC love).$ 430 2 x PIONEER CDJ-1000MK3 + 1 x DJM-800 mixer DJ package! $ 1000Pioneer CDJ-1000 CD player.$ 550Pioneer CMX-3000 Twin CD Player…$ 650Pioneer CDJ-800 CD Player ..$ 600Pioneer CDJ-1000MK2…$ $640Pioneer CDJ-800MK2 CDJ-1000mk2 620Pioneer…$ 680Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3…$ 750Pioneer CDJ-500 CD-Player…DJM-1000 $ 700Pioneer.$ $970Pioneer DJM-800 DJM-600 mixer 820Pioneer…$ 600Pioneer 19 DJM-3000?Mixer…$ 810Pioneer DJM-600-S mixer.$ 650Pioneer DJM-909 mixer battle…$ 600 Technics SL-1200MK2…$ 600Technics SL-DZ 1200…$ 620Technics SL-1210M5G Pro swivel…

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