This perspective of the liberal society if incases in the descriptions of Rorty of its utopia, however still it remains to try to discover as the liberal individual would be constructed for which the worse thing that exists is the cruelty. First I call the attention for a description the democracy proposal for Hans Kohn in its workmanship century Twenty, a Challenge to the Man: For its proper essence, the democracy never can be perfect, because this would estimate citizens perfect, highly educated and never led for the blind emotion or inertia The reason for which I chose this citation rests in the fact of that, it has even so not found stories historical of that the author would have served of influence for Rorty, we find in its workmanship (Hans Kohn) an excellent support to make notes on some aspects of the liberal citizen that it would appear of the society imagined for Rorty. Therefore is an important question this of as to guarantee the freedom for the accomplishment of the happinesses you specify and at the same time to guarantee that the individuals if worry ones about the others? As already it was treated in this text, Rorty believes that only the literary story, that is other historical perspectives, each time could create more sensible individuals not only to the suffering of that they cannot be defended, as well as individuals that discover in its history the possibility of social reconciliation with theoretical enemies. In the same cited workmanship however, Hans Kohn makes a proposal of reconciliation between U.S.A. and the Ussr in this direction of convivncia, the Americans will have to learn that some civilizations and traditions can coexist exactly in this only world. The wealth of the diversity is one of the great elements of history and the progress. In the period of transistion it will be impossible to develop a general world-wide order.

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