The Pupils

Then, we must, in this environment of learning, to value the use of the games to facilitate the relationship of the pupils with these objects through the collective work. With this, the pupils can improve basic the geometric knowledge when understanding the existing relation of the diversity of the games and geometric objects as, for example, the concepts and the geometric properties. Thus, practical pedagogical and the professional one of the professors fortifies the teach-learning of geometry and the acquisition of its beddings, oportunizando for the pupils the adquisio of the abilities and the necessary abilities for the formularization and the understanding of the ideas and the geometric concepts that are gifts in our daily one In this direction, Nacarato and Passos (2003) affirms that &#039 is necessary; ' to identify situations of education in the classroom and geometric slight knowledge revealed by alunos' ' (P. 14). However, so that this happens in classroom, the professors must be the mediators of the process of education and to provide a learning environment that fortifies the colaborativo relationship between the pupils and favors the cognitivo development of these pupils through inserted playful activities in the teach-learning of geometry.

On the other hand, Freire (1983) argues that we must guarantee an efficient school that promotes in the pupils the critical reflection and the meeting of ideas allow that to perceive them the connection of the social context with pertaining to school context e, at the same time, values knowing previous mathematician who they had acquired in the proper cultural universe. In this perspective, Moura (1995) affirms that the educators must promote an organization of the mathematical content that considers the relevance of the sociocultural factor in the intellectual development of the pupils so that they have vision of a solidary and transforming world. Then, Kishimoto (1994) argues that it is important that the professors use the game as a pedagogical material for the elaboration of geometric activities e, also, as an indispensable tool in the magnifying of a pedagogical action that is capable to instigate in the pupils, the pleasure to acquire the geometric and mathematical knowledge.

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