Fortune Cookies To Eat Organic

The sweet & lucky GmbH is certified in accordance with the EU eco-regulation as a single fortune cookie manufacturer in the European market offers the sweet & lucky GmbH their customers even fortune cookies in organic quality to. Isearch follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The organic fortune cookies are awarded the State organic seal, ensure compliance with the statutory requirements for organic farming. So, the cookies contain high quality ingredients such as organic wheat flour, cane sugar, and real Bourbon Vanilla. Since the introduction of the bio of fortune cookie, we are very satisfied with the steadily increasing demand. In the issue of meal and grain 02-2010 he was organic fortune cookie as new product presented.”so Viktoria Brauch, Managing Director of sweet & lucky. Organic fortune cookies are available in health food shops since 2008. The flour for the fortune cookies comes largely from the family-owned mill. For the organic fortune cookies the ingredients come to the legal requirements of organic farming and are awarded with the organic seal.

For all fortune cookies, we use only Gen unmodified raw materials”assured Viktoria Brauch. Since 2006, which is sweet & lucky GmbH is certified according to the international food standard (IFS). Supplies are mainly the food wholesale and retail as well as Chinese restaurants. Even when advertising Mittelhaendlern the cookies become increasingly sought after: instead of the traditional quotations, slogans are on the note or the company logo will be printed on the foil. In cooperation with the advertising industry Viktoria Brauch is still great growth potential finally reads the message with particular attention anyone who gets a fortune cookie free,.” Hotels distribute Oracle pastries as bedtime, parties as election advertising and cinemas apply film starts and banks advertise the confidence of their customers. Whether sweet & lucky finds a sweet solution product introductions with sweepstakes or Lotto numbers in the cookie.

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