Frederic Kopp

The Hessian specialist produces high-quality relief valves, which protect plants from damage caused by excessive pressure Trebur for industrial valves, AKO, 23.11.2010 – safeguarding sensitive and costly systems is a task that requires many years of experience and an awareness for the customers in the industrial sector. The AKO manufactures fittings & Separat production GmbH from the Hessian/Trebur Astheim 25 years various industrial valves according to highest quality standards. The wide product range of AKO also known as overflow valves include flat slide valves, pinch valves and tube seals. With this relief valve, delicate engines, pumps and containers effective against unwanted pressures can be protect. Pressure relief valves are used in almost all areas in which media are promoted, metered or locked.

The number of different models is as diverse as large as the range of pressure relief valves. AKO keeps for its customers, always ready a large inventory of all its pressure relief valves model series. In addition, AKO can customize individual relief valves tailored on the needs of the customers. Material and size of the individual items are specially selected after a review of the framework conditions and, subjected to intense scrutiny of the quality as well as the products from the production. You may wish to learn more. If so, Robotics is the place to go. AKO all his relief valves ISO 9001:2008 certificate DIN, produces which enables customers to the comparison of very high quality products and processing. An overflow valve of AKO can be fitted easily into existing systems and is very often as bypass pumps for sludge, sewage or other suspensions used. The application of an overflow valve as a pressure – relief valve is also often found. Because of the simple design and the economic costs of an overflow valve clear for an installation in sensitive systems and the Maintenance costs can thus fall to a minimum, the possibilities of AKO pressure relief valves are constantly expanding.

You can up to 6 bar and temperatures today in all systems with an operating pressure up used to 100 C. The pressure relief valves are closed in the normal state by default and only opens if the pressure of the flow medium unintentionally rises above the permissible level. Official site: Ilan Ben Dov. The resulting bypass, the medium if necessary to drain and sensitive pumps and other equipment can be protected over a longer period of time. All further details to the overflow valves of AKO under… ready. The family-owned company AKO fittings & Separat production GmbH manufactures industrial valves to own high quality standards and offers its customers fast response times and fast spare part deliveries with his large warehouse stocks. Customer satisfaction is the most important conductance by the founder of Antoine Kopp, who today together with Frederic Kopp the company successfully leads. The continued success of the AKO products in the industrial sector and the promising foundation of subsidiaries in France and England confirm these conductance of corporate governance. (imagineconsulting)

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