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To be of an increasingly more turbulent competitive environment has melted once rapidly the validity period as classified in the long term strategies in sectors with high change speeds could the half-life of strategies now on under 2 years has … Continue reading

Gunther Wolf

A very sensitive issue, which in Germany is although rarely openly, it occasionally even more violent fighting is seminars 2013 in Munich and Hamburg the salary of workers. Decision makers learn how questions of content profitably can rules be for … Continue reading

Online Shopping With Advantage

The Internet offered especially to save price comparisons, coupons and discount promotions. The reason for this is obvious: here in the nu can perform price comparisons, whether to use a page for this, which is specialized to compare the offers … Continue reading

One Network

The global network of partners of the ABAS Software AG sets new quality standards in international ERP projects Karlsruhe/St. Petersburg, Russia, July 20, 2010 – abas software partners from around the world met in Saint Petersburg, Russia, to work out … Continue reading


Electronic key management with automatic logging for the stand-alone application in hardware stores, bank branches, shopping centres, factories and departments. Traka-touch is the newest addition to the range of electronic logging the TRAKA Home key cabinets. In conjunction with a … Continue reading

Strategic Management

The WMC’s management consulting has developed a test, so managers can review the performance of its strategic management. The WMC’s management consulting has developed a test, so managers can review the performance of their strategic management, identify possible weaknesses and … Continue reading

Hearing Aids

Hearing aids and GN ReSound have announced today the signing of a multi-year, strategic partnership child. CHILD appoints GN ReSound as one of its main suppliers and partners for the expansion of global business. In the framework of the partnership, … Continue reading

USP Results

Price reductions fizzle out if the core service is already the heading to this article makes curious, because it is actually a question, whether the turn of positive results in changed strategy in competitive markets in the country of the … Continue reading

GmbH Concepts

SHB generated some eight million income for investors in the second half of 2008 In the second half of 2008 has the SHB innovative fund concepts AG, Aschheim near Munich accumulated around eight million euros to their investors dividends for … Continue reading