Electronic key management with automatic logging for the stand-alone application in hardware stores, bank branches, shopping centres, factories and departments. Traka-touch is the newest addition to the range of electronic logging the TRAKA Home key cabinets. In conjunction with a 7 “touch screen and using the latest embedded processing technology that is currently available on the market, represents a unique solution Traka-touch. Traka-touch offers an intelligent “out of the box” key management, which operates completely independently of any IT infrastructure. All user input and changes, all key withdrawals and refunds including the documentation dealt with simply via the front panel touch screen. What is Traka-touch? Traka-touch is a unique key management system in which the entire necessary intelligence is already integrated, i.e. it operates completely independently, you do not need network connection, no server and no access or SQL database. This increases the availability and reducing costs, since no network modules, no database software and also a SQL Server license is needed.

Traka-touch is a “plug – in” System. The only thing you need to do is turn key cabinet to the wall screw and the power supply. Then you can start directly without extensive training, working. You must configure any network connections, install any management software, and set up any databases. This saves time and money! Traka-touch is already fully furnished and can be supplied with 10, 20, 30 or 40 slots. After switching on the system need enter regarding just the key and the desired user key and Cabinet access with their access permissions. All Cabinet access and key movements are fully logged and in the internal solid state memory and written in addition to the internal memory card. The internal database of the Traka-touch can cache a total 250,000 access events – this capacity is sufficient for a long recording time! The collected logs are stored to the backup on a removable SD memory card and can if required in addition to a USB memory stick is transferred, for the purpose of expression on any PC or laptop.

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