Preamble of the EDM – mid European democracy, true democracy for all. “All State authority emanates from the people”, and in this context one can recommend as the Switzerland and their political and social system, at least in large part. Extends to all continents: AFDM – the African democracy of Center, true democracy for all. ASDM – the Asian democracy of the Middle, true democracy for all. AMDM – the American democracy of the Middle, true democracy for all. AUDM – the Australian democracy of Center, true democracy for all. The goal is to the creation of a worldwide association of like-minded people, in the form of a party to an appearance at elections or society group, who become the target makes it a voice to give the society of the citizens of all nations regardless of spirit and education, skin colour, origin, language, religions, cultures, political persuasions, individuality, intellect and physical damage, social objective, to make the world better realize.

The objectives, founders program: 1 the EDM undertakes conservation and care of nature, animals and plants and of mankind and not least of the planet Earth itself. The EDM is committed to a global environmental protection and a global network of renewable energy. 2. the EDM will develop a new education system, global education for all for free. A great education plan, which has global applicability, will change as the world and everything about it breaks up today the heads, will be done for our grandchildren than education gap. Education will end in enlightenment and timelessly available anyone at any age. Education is the solution of all conflicts and all things.

The sciences are largely incorporated in this education system and their work rewarded by the Nations and equipped with financial resources. Science is common knowledge and to treat first and foremost as such. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Ilan Ben Dov. Here, no State Science is meant, but free independent research.

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