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Central themes of Haushaltsgeld.NET are the best ways how you can save money effectively in everyday life. The category ‘Debt Advisor’ was introduced as a socially important issue now. The central themes of Haushaltsgeld.NET are the best ways how you can save money actively and effectively in everyday life. Because it but comes in today’s society becoming more and more to get out of financial emergencies, the editors of Haushaltsgeld.NET has decided, to expand the existing range of topics. As socially important subject we have now the category counselors debt”introduced.

It comes for many people no longer to save money and to be able to afford something in everyday life. Meanwhile, saving has become an economic necessity. Therefore, the editorial staff of Haushaltsgeld.NET in addition to the savings tips has a series of articles on debt ( schulden.html) put together. Priority is in articles about causes, consequences and ways out of the debt it be for example the so-called debt illuminated or provided an overview of the flow of consumer insolvency. The page Haushaltsgeld.NET has been online since April 2005, and since then a lot has happened. Many helpful articles from different categories have been added to the savings. Whether saving in insurance, saving on the Internet or Advisor articles shed light on money – quite different services, offers and savings opportunities in everyday life.

Of course new are added to each category, in addition to the Advisor for debt now following topics on Haushaltsgeld.NET: Save on holiday articles in this category deal inter alia with holiday bargains, individual and package tours, as well as savings holiday. Advisor financial investments in this category you will find many articles which specifically looks at individual investment forms. Advisor of mini jobs here are first of all the mini – and MIDI-job regulations in Germany. In future, individual part-time jobs are illuminated closer in terms of field of work, conditions and earning potential. Furthermore, you have the Opportunity at Haushaltsgeld.NET a weekly newsletter to subscribe to, which presents savings tips and three current articles. Each new Subscriber receives a comprehensive software package consisting of household book, logbook, Office software, and much more. Information about the provider Ringo Duhmke online marketing railway str. 14 16909 Wittstock contact: Ringo Duhmke Tel.: 03394-401949 E-mail: Web: about Ringo Duhmke online marketing Ringo Duhmke deals with the topic of online marketing since 2001. Its focus is primarily in the affiliate marketing and newsletter marketing. In his Web log he reported weekly current events in the scene. Since 2003 he is Advisor portals also continuously for consumers online. Its own editorial team supported portals such as Haushaltstipps.

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