Old Leipzig Disability Insurance

Dynamic changes and new occupational groups classification Dynamics conditions adequacy test make a reasonableness test some insurers – so even the old Leipzig -, when it comes to whether there is a reasonable relation of the occupational disability pension income of the insured person. This is not, the insurer for the dynamic increase of the performance is released where there was no reasonable relation. The insurer is then no BU pension on these increases, the contributions are paid back. The old Leipzig has optimized the relevant regulations in terms of the dynamics of 2011. (A valuable related resource: Robotics). The adequacy test is performed from a total pension of more than 40,000 euros and no longer, as in the past, from a total pension of more than 30,000 euros.

“Exceeds the entire annual disability pension 40,000 …” (Old Leipzig, additional conditions for the disability insurance with dynamic mode P, as of 2011, print no. 2330 – 1.2011) These exceptions were for the benefit of customers set: the Alte Leipziger is a reasonable relation to the average income of the last two calendar years, upon entry of the Leistungsfalls, taking into account the recent boost waives the enforcement of the freedom of services due to lack of adequacy for any increases in the past. If so in the event of the Leistungsfalls, the insured BU pension of all insurance for the old existing Leipzig and other private insurance companies (including the increase) is not more than 70% of average gross income in the last two calendar years (independent 70% of average earnings before taxes), is full of BU protection..

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