In Germany

Immigration Office wants this woman pushing off in the country where she has no way to live. No House, no money, no family, no friends, no work because they She can no longer work in Russia because of your age and get no work, she is 56 years old, statutory retirement age in Russia at the age of 55. 7 years ago she gave up everything in Russia for a German man. In Germany, it’s friends, acquaintances, work has future family. That she has still proven very strong visually impaired, not interested officials, she had filed for recognition of their disability, but doesn’t because she’s acquiescence. She has also no pension from Russia because it has tolerance.

She filed a claim for pension from her late husband, but after 5 months it had gotten even no pension certificate and no widow’s pension. Immigration Office threatened them that with the plane sends them after Russia back. Every day waiting for the police that come to take on plane inside and bring out from Germany. This is inhumane, unworthy, that is woman discrimination, that is people discrimination, that is inhumane, unworthy, this is against human rights. Why punish the officials so people? Why should you do anything against people, why have officials no responsibility, why must destroy the life of a human being. Where are the laws. All men are created equal, that’s not true in Germany. Where we live, we live in Germany, we live in Europe or we live in third countries? Where are human rights in Germany, a foreign wife of a German has no rights in Deutschland.Wer can help? Help please. With best regards. NAT. nat2009

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