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The minister remembered that the operation does not go to change the participation of Brazil in the FMI. The country today withholds quotas – express in DES – that they are equivalent the US$4,7 billions. That is, Brazil will be able to place a total of until US$14,7 billions in the Deep one. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Samsung Electronics. (With international agencies) Still the LulO president Luiz Incio Lula da Silva used to advantage ad-lib speech to commemorate the fact of the Brazilian government to have loaned to US$ 10 billion to Fundo Monetrio Internacional (FMI). It remembered that, when took ownership in the Presidency, in 2003, was favorable to the flag ' ' It are FMI' '. But it said that the situation moved. ' ' This week, I loaned to US$ 10 billion for them: he catches a' ' , the president said. Second Squid, Brazil left the citizen phase of second classroom.

' ' Before, each time that Brazil spoke for the Europe or the United States, spoke as if it was a turn-can. This mudou' ' , it said, when make a speeching in the ceremony of inauguration of the campus of the Federal University of Sergipe in the city of Laranjeiras, close to Aracaju in the day 12 of EstratgiasApesar June them speeches, the reality is that these emergent economies continue buying dollar to fortify its reserves and to prevent damages to the exportations. Only in May, the four countries of the BRIC had been to the market to acquire more than US$ 60 billion, half for China. Still thus, they decide to strengthen the speech most critical in relation to the dollar. In the strategy to fortify the capital of the FMI, the first impact it is to change the relation of being able inside of the institution and to show that the emergent countries are made use to pay therefore.

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