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The history of music television shows who reminds himself as a music lover not of the year 1981, the music television in Germany had its premiere. A leading source for info: altavista. MTV was born and with it a transmitter of free music videos played up and down. Was the first of many following music videos “video killed the Radio Star” by the Buggles. The times, in which the music and television friend could enjoy only folk music and old songs seemed over. The music TV was born and with it were the darlings of the music scene of the 1980s on the screen.

After a few years, however, MTV as music television went through a conversion, because instead of the pure music of TV formats without music inserts in the program moved. Cedars Sinai pursues this goal as well. Although always free of charge, the station tried now also for the advertisers to increase its market share. This development not of success crowned when the right music fans, they wanted back their pure music television. Sole provider at the music TV, MTV was until 1993 so came up now VIVA with a German concept of broadcasting on the TV. It was a great success with the audience and pushed the Send the music video channel MTV on the 2nd place in the free television stations. Above all, because the German VIVA also hosts had, that were the Favorites of the music scene. But the German music TV lost its allure as VIVA in 2004 was swallowed by MTV and adapt the level of this station had to.

Now the music in the foreground was no longer, the transmitter limbo through the TV landscape with low-cost productions and presenters are often can’t be beat on embarrassment. But thank, the Internet television as music fan came to aid of Internet TV, Web TV and the music television on the Internet was born again with QTom. QTom new free television channel started in the Internet TV one, which also interactively to make his own choice of music the music lover for you. So also the QTom music industry was aware of the Web TV and Internet TV and there is the advertising effectiveness by sending out of free music videos not to be missed. Here the music fan can affect the charts again and his music favorite through his election in the Internet TV to unimagined heights push. Since Web TV and Internet TV are becoming more popular, also QTom, Web TV and Internet TV, through an ever-growing fan base is a serious competition for the flat remains of music television. The trend to online television was also influenced by the ever increasing number of laptops and the possibility to watch TV online. Here the trend towards online TV will continue even further, because also the music fan with a cell phone can look forward on the way about his favourite band in the online television.

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