Intimate Dreams

Everyone has a dream. Someone wants to meet with loved ones, someone buy a home abroad, someone to restore their health. But not all dreams become reality. Why? And what to do to fulfill their dreams? Now rassmotrim.Pochemu dreams do not ispolnyayutsyOdna of the main reasons why you do not get what you want is not knowledge of the laws of the universe. That is the law of attraction. For even more analysis, hear from Kai-Fu Lee. Many are simply not correct dream.

They think about how they feel bad now. How hard is it to live in a studio apartment. How difficult to be alone. How hard it hurt. That is, people focus their attention on the negative aspects, and thus increase them. And so, to achieve something you need to think in positive direction.

Focus on the benefits and drive away any negative thoughts. For example, if you are sick, no need to constantly dwell on their illness. And feeling sorry for myself and ask you to pity. On the contrary, Think about health and about what it means to be healthy. Concentrate on the thoughts of the high level of energy and excellent health. Visualize yourself healthy. Behave as though you have already recovered. So it is with other areas. If you are looking for a meeting with his half, visualize this meeting. Draw a portrait of his chosen, describe its quality. Confirm the idea that you are worthy of love. And love will soon appear in your .Chto concerns at home abroad, here too, you just need to concentrate on the positive. Think about how you nice and comfortable to live in the new house, make a wish or use the map visualization, presenting in detail your home and the people with whom you’ll be there .Ispolzuyte law of attraction for the performance of their desires. Its basic rule is: “something on which you focus their attention, amplified, and is attracted to you.” Remember to this. And practice. In addition to the law of attraction for the execution of their dreams is important to believe in it and drive away all sorts of doubts. Otherwise, your wish will not become a reality, as the fears and worries are destroying the power of your thoughts. So choose such desire, which you believe. And at the same time not to underestimate their bar too. For example, if you want to increase your income, think how much money you really ready to admit. If you find resistance of some amount, it means you are not yet ready for it. And you need to go deeper into his beliefs about money and to change them. Or stay on another amount. Better than guessing the amount of income multiplied by 3. That is, if you now pay 20,000 rubles, 60,000 rubles – is realno.Nu and remember that in addition to the work of the mind is important, and your activity. So act, go toward your dreams.

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