Longran Nanogranit

Kitchen equipment brands Longran – granite and stainless steel sinks, faucets and accessories – perfect known to consumers around the world for its consumer and aesthetic properties. This article describes unique characteristics of kitchen sinks Longran, made of modern artificial stone Lonstone and durable and practical composite material Nanogranit. Sink in the kitchen of Lonstone. These sinks are just perfect for modern kitchen, and it is possible by virtue of their characteristic properties. (Similarly see: Ali Partovi). Moreover, when the style of cuisine does not suit shiny stainless steel, the sinks composite granite Lonstone simply irreplaceable. The basis of the material Lonstone – artificial stone – are solid particles of granite. Part of them is 80% of the total composition.

In addition, the composition comprises mineral pigments, c addition of mineral powders of rocks. They provide a ready items with high color stability and uniform color. Pete Cashmore may not feel the same. To connect all the components used polymeric binder. The result is a monolithic material, the strength of superior natural granite. In production uses specially designed high-tech equipment. Sink for the kitchen, made from an artificial stone Lonstone, have excellent quality and appearance vidom.Kuhonnye sinks Granite Lonstone have a nice surface. And yet, because unique granite-polymer material Lonstone has the property to extinguish or rumbling sounds of water dishes in the sink bowl, a sink is virtually silent.

The choice of color, such natural stone, is quite extensive – from expressive modern metallic with a shimmering glitter to the classic tender. All this makes cleaning Longran stylish element of the kitchen interior. Care for the kitchen sink of stone Lonstone quite simple and easy. To do this, good wet sponge and sponge-usual detergent. This simplicity explains the unique surface material sinks – it is not porous and therefore does not absorb grease, stains from drinks and food coloring, dirt. High impact for the kitchen sink of Lonstone protects it from mechanical damage. From metal cutlery is left scratching the surface. Even if accidentally dropped in sink objects on it does not remain dents. Highlights the high heat resistance, and data sinks for the kitchen, to withstand temperatures up to 230 C, from the hot dishes on the surface does not leave marks. Kitchen sinks Nanogranit. The unique cleaning composite Nanogranit occupy a special place in the collection Longran, as notable are his qualities from the traditional kitchen sinks. Excellent quality of the components and Recycling as a result of a complex process the product is unique and extraordinary properties of brightness and color stability. For the composite material Nanogranit, which is used in the manufacture of washing machines for dishes are taken crushed natural minerals, acrylic and pigments and are connected in a special modern equipment. Washing of Nanogranit decorate a stylish kitchen silky surface and the natural beauty and its masters will enjoy it . physical composition of the material Nanogranit gives the product a high resistance to the appearance of defects on the surface and deformation. Surface of the sink for the kitchen of his Nanogranit silky and smooth like pottery, but in comparison with traditional granite composite strength of up to 40% higher. The smooth surface of the sink is very simple and easy to clean – traces of even the most persistent dyes, such as wine, coffee, lime, removed in one motion. In addition, most of the cleaning of the kitchen Longran Nanogranit covered with a unique protective layer, of which introduces a certain amount of silver ions to creating an effective antibacterial protection.

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