Magnetic Board

In this case, you can hang several pictures, but if you want – easily rearrange them. In addition to photos within, in the office well, "taking root" magnetic board with markers. It can be paint problem for a week and post some messages. This board is constantly cluttered with information: some hang on the corner of a printout funny pictures, someone will fix the magnet menu from a nearby pizza restaurant, someone will put photo with a corporate holiday. By the same principle – on magnets – you can place design posters on the walls. Most often they are attached with tape or buttons, but if the poster – this is not a one-day whim of one of employees, and thoughtful decoration, better make it special for stationary mounting.

Say, to place several magnetic strips, which we are accustomed to in the kitchen as a holder for knives. So at the posters will have their place. In addition to posters, decorating the office can become very walls: unusual partitions and screens that will distinguish between the space and create coziness. Custom designs can be quickly found in architectural offices and design studios, where the employees themselves are doing everything to "cheer up" the interior. They are ready to erect walls of brown paper and hang colorful curtains between the tables, if only to neutralize the officialdom.

Not necessarily create screen itself or on demand, many manufacturers now make unusual partitioning of different types: Japanese their rice paper, rigid frames with fabric inserts, a wooden framework with plaited Bamboo floors. Typically, the choice of portable walls entirely dependent on the overall interior design that sets the tone. It's amazing how seldom in the office as wall decorations used carpets. But pile paths can be used as good cork boards attached to them using the buttons to print and graphics. Even less popular shelves. As a rule, bought a large bookcase and rammed from top to bottom with books and documents. However, the unjustly forgotten shelves can add to your workplace comfort. Importantly, choose a smaller width, and then they will not pile books and papers, turning into a warehouse of useless things. Figurines or bowls of colored glass – is all that must withstand your working shelf. However, on the shelf you can still put flowers – a great item to decorate the office, had been unfairly overlooked by our attention. Flowers for the office should be chosen according to two criteria: the appearance and ease of care. Best in the workplace feel palms, cacti and rubber plants – they are unpretentious and can withstand an unexpected "drought", which can sometimes arrange forgetful employees. But flowering plants from the office is better to withdraw, because they sometimes cause allergies or migraines. What a great imagination and interest you show to decorate the walls, the more office will be memorable. After all, at work we spend a large part of life, so let's make this part of the beautiful.

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