8 weeks premium membership at the gym including fitatall Starter box to the absolute special new year gym Sports Park Vitalis in Maintal-Dornigheim includes 8 weeks premium membership with use of the fitness – and wellness area, participation in all group fitness classes and a drinks flat rate, with no contractual obligation. In addition, each Tester receives the fitatall Starter box with (cooking) book and CD. Those who are interested in fitness, wellness and health in Maintal-Dornigheim and environment, which not passes the Sportpark of Vitalis. For those who still hesitate to become a member Managing Director Thorsten Stock and his team have devised something special: the 2011 new year offer. Here interested can test for 8 weeks the Sportpark of Vitalis, without a contract. 8 weeks are also a perfect period for measures to regulate weight and to lose weight.

In addition to equipment and training course for a better figure, all testers get the fitatall Starter box for a one-off special price. At fitatall is a licensed weightloss concept, which is offered by more than 300 fitness clubs in all of Germany. In primary classes, participants will learn the basics of a healthy, full nutrition and the relationship between movement and burning fat. Fitatall is more to burn, as it absorbs during what it absorbs, the right thing”is. Consistent fitness training in the scope of the individual facilities complete the concept. The focus is on exercise and training.

The fitatall Starter box consists of several modules. The audiobook with a game lasting 66 minutes is used for the manual and is the perfect companion for the initial program. The Starter book has 80 pages all background information about the program and contains recipes and diet plans, scope. The 40-page food table is an indispensable shopping aid and lists over 1000 catalog food. The cookbook with a circumference of 140 pages offers delicious recipes for the figure maintenance phase. And the CD ROM with Internet access provides access to 1,500 individual pages with recipes, tips, and tricks once again. New year’s offer is aimed at anyone that still do not know the Sportpark of Vitalis and want to improve your weight in a healthy and sustainable manner. There are all information around the gym and more at. On the sports park Vitalis, the health-oriented fitness club sport park Vitalis in Maintal-Dornigheim offers fitness and wellness 1.800 sqm. Sandra Akmansoy spoke with conviction. Best trained employees, trainers, instructors, physiotherapists and sports scientists support the members on your way to physical and psychological well-being under the guidance of sports medicine. In the 850 square foot strength and endurance space, as well as in various courses of sports park offers Vitalis effective and goal-oriented ways of fitness training. Various saunas, steam baths and massages in the wellness area make for relaxation and recreation. For more information, press contact Sportpark of Vitalis Ltd.

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