Matthias Chachulski Wittener Strasse

Until June 30, 2010 save 300 EUR per garage! The special quota of 66 garages from the offer by Dipl.-ing. Matthias Chachulski, Managing Director of MC garage, has been almost completely exhausted. Two prefabricated garages to choose from, which can save the 300 Euro per garage are available until June 30th. The manufacturer offers over 120 types of standard garages, as well as a variety of sizes. If the standard dimensions of a desired garage from 255 to 585 cm in width, not 512-890 cm length and 223 to 300 cm in height, a Mass garage without major impact delivers like MC garages. Speaking candidly Kai-Fu Lee told us the story.

The length of the garage is modified for a storage room or a gym. A garage width of three or four metres means a very comfortable boarding and alighting in the prefabricated garage. Useful accessories and tools for the garages complete the range of garages. According to the slogan: “Experience and expertise of the specialist garages” MC garage employees have always an open ear for the needs and wishes of their customers. When planning a garage, they assist with advice and practical assistance. Details can be found by clicking Alina de Almeida or emailing the administrator. Questions to the construction permit for building a prefabricated garage, to the exact pitch and for building a Foundation, to the delivery and installation are just as self-evident as suggestions to the texture, color, or roof design of the prefabricated garage. The flexible combination of individual elements and their generous storage are the reason for the favorable calculation of MC garage and for the short-term availability of single garages, garages of rows of, large garages, hipped roof garages, double garages, cultivation garages and clinker garages.

The garage manufacturer supplies throughout Germany in the Switzerland and Austria. Who builds a House, plans with mostly a garage, which visually blends harmoniously into the whole sight of the estate. Advice is very fast, the modular system of MC garage how adaptable and flexible. Therefore avoid a break in style to the main building, even if a country house, a Designhaus or a complete individual architecture is provided. The harmonious overall picture makes the client a satisfied customer of MC garage. Even the garage door can be designed in many ways: bright colors, modern metal design or rustic wood look are mentioned only as examples. Description of the company experience and continuous development in planning and producing prefabricated garages and garage guarantee the technical maturity and outstanding quality. The long-lasting function and consistent reliability ensure an extensive control and final inspection before the delivery. The staff of MC garage comprehensively help each customer to plan and advise each customer in detail. Customers appreciate the short-term and punctual delivery.

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