More Recommendations on Email

Benjamin Franklin: “Remember that not enough to say a right thing at the right place, still think it is better not to say the wrong thing at a tempter.” Reading and writing could be back in vogue. You may not read as much as in other times and not be written as do Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Mario Benedetti, Carlos Fuentes, but we are not so divorced from the books and the blank pages as before. Today we read more, but we do it in another format. Millions of people around the world spend most of their time at the computer screen reading and sometimes writing. What they read and what they write? Many things, but between the latter occupies a rather large reading and writing messages that arrived or will be shipped via email. It is necessary therefore to be careful in using this medium. For this reason, we complement the suggestions already offered in a previous article: 1.

Be cautious with attachments: documents are sent as an attachment to the message. In most cases better to include the text that is enclosed in the message body. This will save time and messages to the recipient are not as heavy and therefore difficult to open. Remember, it is better to send everything you can into the body of the message by the sender and considered as a guarantee that we will read. 2. In some cases, however, it is necessary to send attachments. For example, when it comes to official documents, resolutions, rulings, judgments, bills of entry, etc.

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