Network Marketing

How many times have you joined a business opportunity and when you start building your network, capturing a lot of people, but when the moment of truth, there are very few that really work?. This is something very usual and I think everyone's wrong. And the truth is that not everyone is prepared to work in the Network Marketing, and here I will give you seven reasons that I consider major. 1 .- Most people do not have enough persistence. Like it or not, have a business online is to have a "real". Of course there is accountable to no head, because you are your own boss! .

I have seen many people who have renounced the project that worked because they make money in the first 30 days. It takes persistence. It is a real business, but with a smaller investment. We must maintain the persistence and focus and move forward. Many people can not. 2 .- Most people can not handle rejection and criticism.

Frankly most people come into this industry thinking that they will very easy to make money. This is not true. It takes time to acquire the skills necessary to perform a job that will produce its fruit. Who does not know how to prospect, will actually receive many "no" when presenting their business opportunity, which end in frustration. Many people can not handle rejection and eventually be out of business, instead of worrying about gaining knowledge to help them be effective. 3 .- Most people refuse to think big.

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