Software from the ‘cloud’: IT security expert provides comprehensive know-how Hamburg to the new trend, may 6, 2009 the advantage to outsource a number of IT capabilities as services in the network through a single provider cloud computing. Therefore, it has the potential to become one of the biggest trends in the IT landscape. However, many unterNEHmen express concerns about safety and privacy in the cloud. These are unnecessary but experts network-security-Clavister. Andreas asander, VP product management at Clavister, explains: \”cloud computing is simple: on the one hand the client computer and which are for access required applications on the cloud computing system.\” \”On the other side are the various computer, servers and data storage systems, which the different services of SaS (software as a service) from the cloud\” make available. Because these software resources as a service offered, the basic idea is, is that user or company require no specialist knowledge or control over the systems that use them. \”You have to bring only a certain confidence, data in the cloud ‘ to send and receive.\” Industry experts contend that the cloud technology will be present in five years in each business which has IT.

This will change the entire computer industry. asander adds: many companies have however serious concerns to the protection and the security of their data. The idea to provide important information, another organization, worries them. They hesitate to take advantage of cloud computing, because they fear to keep their data no longer under lock and key.\” With the advent of cloud computing, companies must consider specific security concerns. These include the maintenance of control over the security of applications and services. The service agreement (service level agreement) between SaS vendors and customers is thus satisfied and compliance with the privacy of protection guaranteed. For a sufficient in-the-cloud \”protection of the company recommends Clavister following landmarks: it is true, enterprise-wide security policy, in particular with regard to the established services in the cloud\” to ensure and to ensure their control through visibility of protocols, as well as a comprehensive reporting, etc.

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