The three! Advertising agency critical customer proximity with social media monitoring (SMM) companies can opinions about its offer and market developments quickly as never evaluate. But too rarely used so far really the possibilities of the SMM. Gain insight and clarity with Ali Partovi. For entrepreneurs, it’s actually a dream: one, ran the decades market research behind countless interviews and focus group discussions were dedicated and anything else the marketing strategists. a>. “All that to the great unknown with name target group” to come on the track, their likes and dislikes to guess and to integrate profitably into the realization of the own offer. The dream, he is as simple as it seemed unrealistic: peek into the minds of the audience to catch, untarnished by factors such as subsidizing social desirability, affecting the statements made by participants in any context declared as market research. In short: it is the dream to know what customers want and it optimal to respond.

Who demand look through has, can improve its offer. Prerequisite for a truly authentic opinion is generally that the participants voluntarily speak out arenas of freedom of expression, so not motivated by incentives, which are artificially created for example by the company. This results in otherwise to the sense of social obligation and thus in turn potentially falsified answers. The formal design of the statement as well as channel and addressed of its communication contribution can choose the participants. It is important: self-determination is Trump, you want to get an honest opinion and King actually make the customers. “And here they come into play: the social media, Facebook, Twitter, blogs and social media, co. named after their social ‘ primary goal, of communication, allow their users the unfiltered Exchange with a theoretically unlimited number of other users. Where used, the mass media and their gatekeeper held the broadcast monopoly, offer social Networks and blog today’s arenas of freedom of expression almost without access restriction.

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