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Hello that so I this way with this great closing on complete again of the concepts that compose the Computer, with this post we closed the subject Concepts of the Computer where as first part we saw everything on Hardware, in second I finish Software and finally she is called on to see everything to us on the Humanware so we began. Humanware: I finish as so one is not specifically in any dictionary, of daring to place it there since it is possible to find it in varies documentation of Computer science subjects and Computation. It could be defined as " The human factor that takes part in a system of Computo". One talks about generally the involved people who participate in a process operation implementation development update whose result is a product or related service and/or focused towards the Computer science and Computation as well as the use of new technologies; being understood that they can be usuary of the operating type, programmers, application developer, administrators, personnel of technical support, graphical designers CAD, designers and multimedia etc. This can be at Directive, Managemental level, Engineering, Degree, Technician or empiricists whom they have to do with: Basically &quot stands out; Humano&quot side; between Hardware Software since it can say that it is the productive side because it covers the needs with all the aerial of computer science and computation happening through the stages of: rocesos of acquisition of equipment and systems? Effective administration of the systems Hardware – Software? Hiring of personnel and agreed qualification to the needs? Investigation and Development of New Technologies? Programming and development of Systems? Technical support in all the aerial ones? Installation and pursuit of the processes? Development and implementation of basic software? Design and implementation of networks of computers? Development of services in Internet? Control and automatization of Industrial processes? Teaching, investigation, organization and direction of computer centers? Development of computer science systems, direction and leadership of work parties? Etc.

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