The Computer. An Artistic Instrument

Only for years there would be ridiculous similarity to discuss to the influence of graphical computer science in the art and the society. In spite of the graphs generated by computer, or it had been applied in important areas of science and the technology, its influence did not feel nevertheless, in the arts or the society generally. The few that use the computer as an artistic instrument were considered like those of outside: With his independent experiments that were turned aside of the firm Earth of the tasks strictly defined, but however it did not find the approval in the artistic circles. One of the causes of this lack of approval can have been that they have not subjected to the fashions change frequently that they are frequent in the visual arts of nowadays. Rather, they were, at least at the outset, when the search of reasons, guided by the mathematical and geometric aspects. The fact that they were successful in the opening of a unknown kingdom to a large extent of the graphically attractive forms, they were not taken care of by critics.

In the beginning of his development it was to hope that the artistic forms of the infografa would be integrated in the beautiful arts, but to the last it takes us situation to the conclusion that the art by computer will become a new field of oriented aesthetic activity to the arts, which cannot be classified like part of the existing branches of Classical Art, nor must be recognized like art. Thus, a new profession could arise as it were the case of the photography and the cinematography. Some parallel developments can be: these last ones are, like the computers, the average technicians who allow the accomplishment of the artistic objectives with the perfection without precedents, using, nevertheless, realistic images like objects. This type of questions that now consider in relation to the digital art refers more formal aspects: they decide what communication channels will be able to accede to this new field of the creativity, that leaves from the public who will be of interest for, rapidity whereupon extends, and what institutions will be responsible to educate to the students in this field. They were the most recent developments of the microelectronics, that also took to a point of flexion in the history of the art by computer.

In particular, the opportunities abiertas by the microprocessors, his reduced to the run time and major storage capacity that allows the increasing access to lower prices to the greatest interested fan groups? they have abierto new perspective to the diverse ranges of the activity. Thus, many professional applications of graphs by computer have developed what they have become feasible only with the aid of microelectronics. It is surprising what a great number of artists of the computer science applications has been as a result of the experience that have met to date. In particular, the fact that the images can be produced easily and quickly and it is possible to be adapted to average the private ones will have a considerable impact in specific markets of architectural rendering, architectural visualization and all that with rendering services, among others.

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