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By the way, because unique portal, this danger is safely behind regular phones. The problem of viral safety arose almost simultaneously with the creation of computers and the development of IT-industry, it became clear that Virus writers will not rest, but instead stepping up their activities. And it will transfer to mobile phones – a grim prognosis yesterday, unfortunately, is today a reality in which we live. Reports the first mobile virus appeared in far 2000. Of course, the virus they called it was quite difficult, rather it was a combination of service commands that can be sent via sms.

These messages were sacrificed appropriate memory and deleting tightly hung the phone. Especially prevalent, such teams have been for Siemens and Nokia. Modern models of handsets, such deficiencies, of course, denied. But according to the present, The first mobile virus was discovered only a couple of years ago – June 14, 2004. The first mobile virus was worm Cabir. It has all the functions of distribution over mobile networks and infect mobile phones running Operating System Symbian os (most often use this os smartphone Nokia). The virus does not appear from nowhere – it is delivered to your phone as a file format sis (distribution of the operating system Symbian), masquerading as a utility to protect Phone Caribe Security Manager. But it could also be already infected file, for example, any program or game. When run the worm displays the inscription Caribe, is introduced into the system and is activated every time phone.

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