Opel Vectra

Very much depends on driving conditions. Peering into the traffic flow, we can easily see it as a potential “clients” substituted – “Headless Horseman”, blithely leaping out of the series in a row. Favorite cars – recent Group of Eight “-” dozens “and relatively inexpensive foreign cars – that is, car users, on representation of crooks, is sufficient to ensure to pay on the spot, but not enough to cool for to them “understand”. But best of all, in the opinion substituted on the role of “sponsor” fit the typical representative of the middle class – a law-abiding, modest, and the money a successful clerk. His shows clothes – Corporate, standard and accurate.

Modern car models, new, but not the most expensive. Foreign car, business-class sedan type Nissan Primera or Maxima; Opel Vectra – Omega; Peugeot-406, Renault Laguna, vw Bora or Passat. Beginners podstavlyaly single bump on the foolishness of women, which professionals prefer not to do. Ladies in road accidents often begin to shed tears, and 100 percent call their husbands, friends and patrons, among whom may be very serious and respected person. Collision scheme and weaning money for a decade worked ‘bases-teams “to perfection, and the mechanism of staging an accident can be different. Here are a few stories told by eyewitnesses fake accidents.

“Quite a long time I read about bases. Several times, I thought I saw substituted, but 100protsentnoy confidence that it is they were not.

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