Germans Billion

Friedhelm Busch: financial and economic crisis are gradually overcome, but the moth feeding inflation, the many Holes in cashmere sweaters will leave, we have to endure further”. That’s why his expert advice: so build retirement savings, that it comes with inflation. So invest in the shares of such companies, which are also used in crises and is always running: Security eats return! “.” Also at greater risk in buying who expected so higher returns must take. “The Chairman of the Board of the AFA AG, Soren Patzig, cemented the problem with numbers: 95% of Germans do not know what they have completed and how much of it remains them aged.” Total 50 million settled with the optimization of the financial investments and insurance contracts in our country about save 45 billion households, which could in turn be invested in private retirement savings. But lack of institutions that can provide this comprehensive advice.

Soren Patzig: therefore we attach great importance to education and be a free Chamber of Commerce degree in 2008 alone 500 persons in our eight training locations enable. In the coming year it will be even 1,500 to 2,000 trainees.” AFA Board Member Stefan Granel urged the State to apply in terms of the younger generation to save and additional 50 EUR to the monthly child support professionals, rather than pay it off. In addition”, so Granel, issued the Federal 2007 280 billion of taxpayers, which he complained about two to three billion according to the General Accounting Office, and according to the Federal of taxpayer wasted even some EUR 14 billion for unnecessary projects. Would the State can manage this money by investment professionals, the pension problem for future generations would be invalid. So-called whole-life or Methuselah maximum flexibility and tax policies provide today’s savers.” Martin Ruske, AFA AG

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