Opening The Eyes In The ICU

Opening eyes in the hear ICU and my family?, where are Marujita, Dad, MOM, my sons? – asked – already retreated, here they have been, I saw him, you slept I was told – but weird that Maruja is not, that it is gone I thought at 9.30 in the evening, 15 October same, it appeared Maruja, radiant, fresh, smiling, just saw itI was very happy with your thumb raised in sign of victory he greeted it!, smiling as years ago I did it it was our victory!, we deserved this victory, we suffered and wept so much, the tyranny of the Cancer and the Cirrotica autocracy had fallen! Fiesta rockets snapped the UCI silence of the smoke dissipated in the sky Hera – the Warrior goddess! smiling whatever happens tomorrow, later had won it this fight! The family breathed Maruja went to sleep because dragons do not expelerian fire fighting mouth It had ended, the Act of peace was signed a dead, – very cried – liver, scars, derivations, sutures and drains there were no prisoners! but the deceitful and treacherous enemy Viral, survived!, exile and entrenched in the tunica intima of the vessels.! Sticking out his ugly face said in a threatening tone we will see Miguel!-thats another story compadre!, replied – as Kipling – now you’re defeated! Marlene and Paquita began by making me breathe deeply, by taking air through your nose, hold your breath a few seconds and do it several times really tired but did! Then made me change positions in bed, elemental exercise, but in these circumstances it tired but it did! After a while came a portable X-ray unit, they made me feel, they placed a cold plate on my back, take No air to breathe! And Zas chest plate taken., minutes later came the results Dr. Montenegro!! I looked at the plate, then moved towards me, they made me feel, bare back and began to listen to my lungs of agreement!-said the Dr.-There is an atelectasis in left hemothorax, expected – I thought.

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