Talk Brainstorming

This is our work. But this case has laid a certain brick in my foundation: "Work on yourself." 2.Odin of my partner, things that I had and am still, negotiated the construction of a hotel in the Elbrus region. Wonderful country! .. I am very like. When you look at the slope of Mount Elbrus and see before you, under your feet, the entire Caucasus mountain range, the vast snow fields and feel how light they ask out …

So take your breath away! … But it's not about that. Hence, there have been negotiations with a potential partner. How do they go? According to the model win-win. And have been very successfully and productively in a brainstorming mode. This, incidentally, the most important criterion when win-win productive, when you literally pull Talk of the enemy in this mode "brainstorming" is not just discuss options and interests, namely brainstorming – gambling, positive, team, of which not rushing in detstski.

3.Vspominayutsya talks raider in action. The general meeting of JSC. Much is, fat, produces what space rockets are equipped with:) we are witnessing, "they", as well as a lot of small shareholders. And on the agenda for the battle begins. So much tricky questions, so many raids and sizzling saliva I had not seen before. The intensity reached a climax when it came to the CEO, its activities and its results. We must pay tribute, General, man is still the old party hardening, was gab. I regret that I did not save a video! Findings then I made for myself a lot, and including – the need for the speaker's training.

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