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New iPhone app for active network monitoring available Nuremberg, September 10, 2009 the currently introduced iPhone app iPRTG in particular Cisco designed for already use PRTG network monitor or are planning this. So, the administrator at any time and in any place can see the monitored environment and actively manage the monitoring. All relevant data are obtained directly from the decorated Central PRTG server and clearly presented in a format designed specifically for the iPhone display. So are the person responsible for these important processes not at the desk bound and benefit from a higher mobility. iPRTG was by beyond content GmbH, specialist for iPhone and Web applications, developed in close collaboration with the professionals of Paessler AG.

The application complies with all aspects of a modern network monitoring solution. Even on travel, it is possible to retrieve the status of the server availability and to respond to incidents in a timely manner so to any economic avoid negative impacts. Also, information about bandwidth usage and load are immediately available. If necessary, adjustments in terms of performance and efficiency can be initiated on the basis of this data in the short term. The mobile solution is attractive for administrators monitor using PRTG network bandwidth, availability and consumption monitoring. The Paessler Software continuously maintains the corporate network in the eye and report immediately any deviations according to the predefined monitoring parameters. IPRTG the responsible if necessary with all necessary data and evaluations directly from the respective PRTG server on his mobile phone from Apple. Learn more on the subject from Ali Partovi. Using touch screen navigation of the iPhone direct accessed the respective details.

The interface intuitive, inter alia also allows to perform sensor settings to see reports, charts, analysis and alerts, as well as to evaluate results. The uncomfortable use of bulkier laptops, administrators can Thus in the future without. To iPRTG for more information and a video are available here: blog/2009/08/19 / the application can now be included in the iTunes app store at a price of 15.99 euros.

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