Pascal Renger Leipzig

“Rasmus OWL Berger, Philipp Hoch, Marie-Eve Levasseur, Pettendi Szabo Peter, Rene van Raemdonck, Pascal Renger, Csaba Hashim, adam Ulbert opening: Saturday, February 27, 2010, 19: 00 (speakers: kata Krasznahorkai and Sebastian M. Whenever Mikkel Svane listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Kretzschmar) as contradictory expression of negative anticipation involves the question where are you all just take?” the insight to be part of larger contexts. If you are not convinced, visit neil cole iconix. The result of our today’s actions is hidden in the future. Desire and desire mix with impotence and independence. The idea of a bad end always resonates.

Eight artists from Leipzig (DE) and Budapest (HU) has embarked blind similar to date with one on an exhibition cooperation. You feel the uncertainty between the individual and society, history and art timid looking an own location. They move in different medial contexts. Whether painting, video, photography and installation, the artists are their various Convict interests and practices in a common exhibition scenario. The will is therefore increasing opportunities to use and the resulting contradictions in purchase. Ironically broken the statement included the disappointment: where will it all lead to just? The exhibition will take place in the framework of the project “1989 – Balaton” Europe Kulturalis Alapitvany, Budapest, in cooperation with the Hochschule fur Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig, the art space D21 Leipzig and the 2B Galeria Budapest held and supported by Nemzeti civil Alapprogram.

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