Protestant Reformation

Plagiarism and copying of homework have assumed alarming proportions. Plagiarism is not only a problem of the Internet era. Already prior to the printing of the book, some people felt comfortable to spend foreign intellectual property as a power. The large effort held but the problem for the reproduction of foreign works and the limited availability of the most fonts at a manageable level. Only when the letterpress by Gutenberg, the issue got significant proportions. Any reproduction made it possible though that Martin Luther could push ahead with the Protestant Reformation with his German translation of the Bible and that knowledge for all layers of the population became available and affordable, it has facilitated but also the intellectual theft. The art was not unaffected by the new technical possibilities of the time. So many sacred works of art are real unique.

The critic and philosopher Walter Benjamin analyzed the consequences of reproducibility on artworks and spoke in 1936 in his essay \”Work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction\”, that works of art their aura \”would have lost. With the wide spread of the Internet, the problem has worsened again. Making copies is now digital, almost without effort, immediately available and virtually no cost. There is much speculation whether is the opposite of intellectual property were taken aback by this change does not in any way. The old rules of copyright law have shifted in the Internet world and it is the question of whether one could enforce his right to the intellectual property ever more effectively and internationally. Just students draw on the Internet today. A few clicks and the sample solution for the German homework assignment is copied from the net. Even her own name over it and the good note is secured for little effort. Until recently, the problem was still not aware many teachers, but has awakened many various debates about schools and even universities.

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