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Price reductions fizzle out if the core service is already the heading to this article makes curious, because it is actually a question, whether the turn of positive results in changed strategy in competitive markets in the country of the unique distribution of consumer goods and the many sales formats. AOL has many thoughts on the issue. Because you were to look at the chain store and its objective (a multidiscontierender providers in the city and good City Express locations frequented with a wide range), it includes competition into consideration (discounters, cheap text elites, 1 euro stores, drugstore chains, toys-action and bulk provider), then is difficult to believe. \”Also because the buyers the chain stores without USP\” in concert of the other providers do not recognize. You know not what he stands as have competitors better qualities and prices. The result: more revenue and income losses that urged to respond. It was realized: a) decentralized: new Filiallayout personnel cost reduction Sortiments-Reorganisation funds modernisation reorganisation of the identification – and goods dispatching b) Central: closures range firming staff redundancies and updating reorganization of merchandise management reduction of the number of suppliers of personnel costs commissioning external purchasing Office central process simplification central warehouse delivery payable automation reorganization of computing results because the results always still not satisfactorily developed, man – reinforced in addition to other layout improvements in the branches – offer price-aggressive behavior. This so proven recipe for sales and increasing frequencies does not more widely. Even the leading German discounter noted that buying are simply not more also at a best price positioning. The macroeconomic environment, as well as the details of a range of good, recognised by the consumer rather than by competitors are the success drivers in addition to the available staff expertise. The mission, the chain of retail price in a competitive environment by Position discounters of each embossing as a recognisable range with noticeable customer benefit provider, is one of the more difficult tasks in the German Filialhandelslandschaft.

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