Radio Modems

Radio modems are used for wireless communications, telemetry, remote control and monitoring. Radio modems are usually used in cases where the cable lines is impossible or too expensive. Wireless communication is more flexible and rapidly deployable. Wireless networks can be built on the topology of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint, where the distance between stations may scale. Typically, the length of the radio link is a few kilometers. At longer distances is possible to organize communication using radio modems, operating as repeaters. Through the use of EDGE technology and GSM / GPRS radio modems provide free access to all services for the global network.

The device will allow for the transfer of large amounts of data, send and receive text messages without having to re- connect to the network. With the help of EDGE technology device capable of transmitting data at an average speed of 100-130 kbps, and maximum – 215 Kbps. The use of modems: Traffic situation on the roads constantly changed and fixed road signs is sometimes not the best way contribute to maintenance of traffic participants. On most modems designed equipment that provides control over traffic streams, interactive signs, supervision and regulation of traffic. Logistics Logistics is important that everything in the right place, and that the location data is accurate, reliable and timely. With the radio modems can be very easy to set up different data on the location. Even the best security alarm systems may become useless if the receipt of information about the alarm not reliable. Radio modems are equipped with an additional source of supply, are used worldwide by public bodies and private individuals in a variety of alarm systems and monitoring.

Measurement, DGPS and environment in an era when have a modern, reliable information is vital, modems provide easy-to-use solution. Around the world use different DGPS, an application for remote measuring, monitoring and information gathering. Energy In the energy sector radio modems are often used as observation and the diagnostic, such as systems SCADA. Independent radio modem with an additional source of supply guarantee connection under all circumstances, even if off the external power supply and other data networks fail. Industry In organizing radio modem network, the machines and workstations are not dependent on the cable. This provides svobdnoe workspace and easy change the location of the equipment. On vehicles with a network of radio modems provide data in real time and a simple, highly profitable operation of various applications remote control. Water Radio modems are widely used for remote control and monitoring stations of water intake and treatment plant enterprises. Because these enterprises are in remote locations or occupy large areas, radio data transmission must be flexible, reliable and scalable.

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