Refrigerator Problems

The most common defect is a refrigerator freezing capillary tube, resulting in refrigerant to accumulate in the capacitor creates a high pressure in the 1960 kPa, and rolled and welded condenser type or other nodes in the cooling unit fail. Blockage of the capillary tube is due to appear in the system unit of moisture, which creates a freezing ice jam in place of an exit of the capillary tube in the evaporator. Poor solubility of moisture in the refrigerant-12, a small section of the capillary, as well as low temperature and slight pressure at the exit of the evaporator tube can lead to clogging of the capillary ice cap in the presence of aggregate of only a few hundredths of a gram of water. freezing capillary tube is primarily dependent on the quality of drying, refrigeration unit with its assembly and repair, as well as the quality of the refrigerant and oil used for filling. In the case of inadequate drying unit freezing capillary tube may occur in the first months of the refrigerator. But even in a well-drained moisture system may appear to the decay of the hydroperoxide, which is an intermediate product of oxidation of oils.

After durable refrigerator with a systematic overheating of the stator windings due to high temperature, the partial charring and destruction of the winding insulation, fiber comb and spacers pressshpanovyh stator. As a result of chemical reactions taking place during the carbonization of organic substances released moisture in sufficient quantity for the freezing of the capillary tube. The reason for the freezing of the capillary tube after the warranty period – failure to comply with the recommended technology and lack of new effective methods of dehydration, which give concentration of moisture in the working environment, appropriate your requirements. The maximum percentage of fault falls on the tenth – twelfth year of operation of the refrigerator, says more about the availability of water in the system, appeared as a result of chemical reactions.

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