Nancy Drew Treasure

The game was held at the senior detective. Nancy Drew comes to a ski resort in Wisconsin. The game begins in the room Nancy (205). In a desk drawer is the code to the cabinet 310 5-1-7. From the table we take the key card. In the suitcase reads brochure about the Castle Wickford.

In the first drawer bedside menu pick the hotel. Next to the bed on the nightstand is a very important thing – the alarm clock. By varying the time, you can force the issue. Next to the phone to communicate with Ned, Bess and Jess and voice mail. Approach to the battery, which suspiciously hisses. Further, on the coffee table to read about fingerprints, "Yuen detective." Exit into the hallway. The main stairs down to the lobby.

Near the main entrance to the niche small table, on it advertising brochures about the tower and the castle. During the reception desk bald man – it's Dexter Egan. We learn from him about the massacre in the library. He will give us a commission – to take ski boots from the instructor Jacques and take them to Professor Hochkis, one of postoyalits. We pass into the next room with a lounge, a lounge, where we meet another postoyalitsu – Lisa. In the locker to the right of the fireplace reading 2 volumes about the French Revolution. Pivoted left and down the stairs to the basement to the instructor, Jacques. Take away his shoes and pass on, to the lockers.

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