Little Red Riding Hood

Who does not love fairy tales? Perhaps in the world there is not one such person. And why not? Because fairy tale – a magical world in which people popdaet from the first row. No computer games and television can not replace them. K Wave of the Wand ',' Sivka-cloak ', etc. And such vivid fairy-tale character, like the Bab Yaga, snakes, Hydra, has also left its mark on the memories of fairy tales. Every nation of the world, has its own, folk tales.

We say, popular Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden, and in the western fairy tales – Santa Claus and his reindeer Twelve, elves and t. Etc. They populyarizovyvayutsya ralichnye themes and concepts. For example, in Russian folk tales, always very developed and described by subject vostorzhestvovaniya good over evil, provozgnosilis qualities such as kindness, generosity, respect for adults, compassion, love, caring for relatives, etc. For example, a very popular image among the people fool Ivanushka to become successful. Not without reason, in fairy tales all the evil characters either die or shackle them and placed in a high-high tower, that he lived there alone all by himself. In German fairy tales, for example, in fairy tales Brothers Grimm, a very popular topic that people should be hardworking and honest, and for this he rewarded all. Fairy Tales: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, etc.

Through these tales baby and sees that he must be a good person. The idea is that all the people who read the tales in his time, should be good and spravdelivymi people and the world should be only positive people. In reality, of course it's different. People are different, but still good people do not care anymore.

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