Artificial Intelligence

Effects of ice spray, reflections on the ice, traces of the horses. Fans seem to be more realistic than in the same FIFA 2008. But there is one drawback – too old schedule passing from one year (in NHL 2006, that NHL 2007, that NHL 2008), yet we live in the 21 century and we ought to do its proper schedule. 2. Sound design – a diverse roar from the crowd, screaming fans, a replica of commentators – all at a decent level. However, sometimes this as a frame does not correspond to what is happening on the ice. On the soundtrack in the NHL and no problems are anticipated. Funny fast tunes make us break to win.

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI). The game has 4 levels available difficulty: beginner, easy, medium and heavy. The first rather free. In the second opponents do not attack your charges, fully hoping for a goalkeeper. On average, AI will provide a solid resistance: stranger goalkeeper will help out your team, play good defense in the defense and take away the puck and make the dangerous offensive attack on your computer vorota.Na difficult level has the advantage of almost all the components: it goalies discourage more frequently in the collision (or body-check) your players tumbled to the ground, and to depart, they take some time, and rivals, as a rule, only reel in the same situation, almost without losing the pace attack.

4. Geymplay – play has become much more complicated, in contrast to the same NHL 2007. Go to the gate and shoot the goalkeeper is not so easy work. And now the goalkeeper no mistake: sometimes shows such "saves" that's amazing. For example, shots from the blue line for them to have fun, to score from a distance is very difficult, and they are not near so often wrong. But the error goalies, of course, are not insured – to bring the puck into his own net and they can, without being able to reflect cast, which can not be called no takers. For example, quite often happens that the goalkeeper passes the puck between your legs, and even myself sometimes not averse to score an own goal. When sbrashivanii washers at the gates of the enemy, an opportunity to strike at goal from far away, wh. One of your players is left open, often in such cases the puck flies into the goal. Also, a drop puck from the center of the field it is possible (subject to several councils) to score 'easy' puck. Trick in the game NHL 2008 conclusion we can say that the game was almost an exact copy of previous versions of NHL. Only minor changes were made to the game. Maybe someday people will take from EA SPORTS and listen to requests from fans, NHL and fix all the disadvantages in the game. We hope … + And – in the game NHL 2008: + (a): Improved AI; pleasant sound effects. – (V.): Outdated graphics, a sense of play in the 07-version. All this and much more online

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