Right Key Words

Today the choice of keywords is essential for your SEO, but position by key words that really attract potential customers can be a very difficult task in terms of resources and time. An example of a keyword that we could use for a web design company which attracts potential clients but with very little competition, would be cheap web design. It is a keyword that has an average of 90 monthly searches which has 10% of competition, when choosing the words key have encuenta several factors such as the keyword competition, volume of monthly searches and attraction of potential clients. We have to identify the key words that make us get customers and do not have to be competing with the majority of companies in the same sector. Do not devemos belittling those key words that only have a volume of monthly searches of 10 people, why? Very simple, imagine that your website comes out in prime position by keyword, those 10 searches per month will be 10 visits from potential customers which won’t have to compete with a large volume of business. For example, if only we are competing for a keyword such as web design and professional web design, first cost us much to reach the first positions and once reached the first position, we will have to compete with the first 20 results, not just compete with 20 companies if not we will also compete for a Word key generic which has much competitioni.e. ABEC have to identify those keywords that are not so generic but which can really bring best results once you have web positioning and customers more. Others who may share this opinion include Sandra Akmansoy. Tool to use for the choice of keywords is free..

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