Russian Book Chamber

Some time ago, which many will remember when the personal computer capabilities have not changed the printing industry beyond recognition, publication of books was very time-consuming process that required the participation of large numbers of people. There was a rigid distinction of the duties performed: one engaged in the development of the project, the second – set the text, the third – the preparation of drawings, the fourth – the creation of films, the fifth – The printed forms. The technology was cumbersome, slow and complicated. The set and layout were carried out in strict accordance with the rules laid down in numerous standards, derogation from which is punished harshly system. Now, with the advent of computer technology, the recruitment process and the layout is not done manually, using the software.

Almost all stages of the process are automated, but in order to make the text edition readable, you need to know how to use the settings of desktop publishing. Here we are and help State Standards and unforgettable technical instructions, made to bring the pages of the publication to a form familiar for the perception of the text reading without extra effort. The full texts of state standards included in SIBID (System of standards on information, librarianship and publishing), are available on the website of the Russian Book Chamber. Here we give some rules and guidelines for registration of the text. Let's start with definitions. Layout is called the production process of drawing up (installation) of book, magazine and newspaper pages from the specified format collections of all kinds and illustrations.

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