Tottenham Champions

Real Madrid Tottenham and FC Barcelona Shakhtar Donestk are two parties that will bring us to the quarterfinals of the Champions League Final. The eight teams involved in these rooms have worked very hard and played against very strong rivals; However, only four teams may pass to the semifinals, leaving the rest at the gates of glory. Friday, March 18 were raffled in Nyon, Switzerland, eight places available for Champions League Final quarterfinals: FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Schalke 04, Inter Milan, Shakhtar Donestk, Manchester United and Tottenham were waiting anxiously to know their rivals to beat in search of a place in the semi-finals in which anything is possible. Making bets is almost impossible, the teams who have come here are the best in Europe, and will prove it. Real Madrid will on the one hand have as rival Tottenham.

Whites are with morale soared after breaking the curse that has prevented them from passing second round in the past six years against Olympique Lyon. Mourinho has been clear, winning is the only option possible, so we have no doubt that they will give everything on the pitch. Front of them, Tottenham has achieved something that seemed impossible, alighting at the fearsome AC Milan on a season that qualifying for the Champions League has given them an injection of motivation. Perhaps a rival that doesn’t appear to shine much, but can give more than one scare. FC Barcelona meanwhile will have to deal with Shakhtar Donestk. Although the victory against Arsenal was forceful and meritorious it is precisely now when Messi, Iniesta, Xavi and company should not fall asleep and be prepared not to bring any surprises like last year. The Donestk is a team that knows FC Barcelona thanks to one of its latest additions, Chigrinsky, who will try to help the Ukrainian team keep doing history. The season gives a new step to the grand final in Wembley, an attainable goal for our two representatives on foot and that they will fight until the last minute. Encourage them at home and outside, sed player number 12 on the ground, get your Champions League entries in and let yourselves the throat in the stands.

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