The satellite TV to computers is becoming today an excellent alternative to traditional TV, which makes it clear new preferences of people, mostly young, who value the flexibility of schedules and the possibility of deciding what to see. If we consider the rapid advance that Internet has had in recent years and the development that will be achieved in the near future, we could say, without fear of being mistaken, that the followers of this system will increase exponentially. Many are the reasons that have led to thousands of people around the world opt for this system: thousands of channels available variety of contents low cost installation absolutely no permanent monthly expenses. It works anywhere in the world, it only requires Internet access. Requires no additional Hardware traditional television has tried to reach their customers through differentiation: first in HD format, now in 3D. But what has not been able to achieve, is to arrive with a wide spectrum of reliable content and simultaneously to millions of users.

As it says Chris Anderson in his book The Long Tail: TV today can reach with an only program to thousands of people, but it can do the opposite: reaching a single user with thousands of programs. In the words of Anthony Rose, CTO of YouView, is necessary to find an integrated experience that offers the reliability of television and the diversity of content that enables Internet. Untreated offer television or Internet, but something fully interactive that the viewer accepts naturally.

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