Toshiba Notebooks

Here's everything you need: 1. Your Toshiba laptop 2. Formatted diskettes (720 Kb or 1.44 Mb) 3. The second computer (eg computer friend) with an installed dos 4. Shestandtsatirichny editor (for example, Norton DiskEdit or Disk Editor, a built-in dos Navigator) Here all you need to do: 1. Turn on the second computer and insert the diskette in the drive 2. Open the floppy in the hex editor 3.

Change in sector 2 (boot sector is sector 1) on the following five bytes: 4B 45 59 00 00 4. Save your changes. Now you have the key floppy disk! 5. Remove the floppy disk 6. Insert a floppy diskette into the notebook 7.

Turn on the laptop (or click Reset, if it is included) 8. When prompted for Password: press 'Enter' 9. When prompted Set Password again (Y / N) press the 'Y' and press 'Enter' 10. Before you will be setup program bios, where you can enter a new password That's it! Judging by the announcements of technical support service firms Toshiba, said method can not work on computers with bios Version 6.92 of 7 April 1999 or later. Information is verified. stop lawlessness together! As you can see, the problem is solved quickly and easily. However, staff service centers in many Moscow computer firms do not only afford to shamelessly lie about the 'special device', allegedly reset the password, but require for doing this, as you can see, the elementary operations between $ 30 to $ 100. Original aticle Is there another way (for the same theme) – 'digged closely grid, I made a request to' Aport 'read' Toshiba password killer 'and received detailed information. In any service do not need to shove. Made chip to a parallel printer port of an ordinary piece of cable Centronics (25 cores) and the combined contacts as follows: 1-5-10 2-11 3-17 4-12 6-16 7-13 8-14 9-15 Inserts the port, power up – password is cleared. I did it myself on Toshibe – turned out. "

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