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How to publish your effective classified ads on facebook and other social networks? PROMOTE your products, services or business with tools effective WEB 2.0 through can post free classified very effective and share them on Facebook and other social networks for free and simple. This way all your friends or contacts will see products and services offerings. In effect the social networks allow expand its products, services or business with specific content such as: purchase sale (food, accessories, photography, computing, musical instruments, cellular machinery pets, etc), employment and work (work, home, lawyers, engineers, architects, medical, sellers, etc), vehicles (cars, motorcycles, cars, trucks, 4 4, spare parts, etc.), real estate (apartments, flats, houses for sale, houses for rent, fields(, local, etc) business, education, courses, news, and more. How to publish to facebook or another social network publishing mechanism is very simple. Once published your notice classified only must click on the share button (found below the title of each notice classified), there you can add the ad to your profile (always and when you’re registered on the chosen social network), then choose the image that you want to display, putting an attractive title and let all your contacts or friends become aware of your offer. team wishes you good luck with your free classifieds ads publications. Classified ads in facebook country description Anunico Classifieds has launched a beta version of user profiles by country on Facebook to post free classified ads.It is time to officially submit profiles for countries before the launch of the primary version of the classified application Anunico. Benefits of Anunico facebook Anunico Classifieds-Classifieds is a free service that lets through facebook join an online classified ads community reliable through groups of friends we can identify or know who is that offers such or which product/service.

In this way the interaction vendedor-comprador becomes very safe and helps users to minimize and avoid scams or frauds in real way. Anunico classified through this free service invites thicken every profile on Anunico facebook by countries and in this way create a reliable classified ads community that allows to realize the desired benefits of its users. Anunico Classifieds offer the opportunity to share among your friends concerns relating to classified ads which are published on the Anunicos Facebook of his country in its flow of news from the wall. You can upload notes of support of these conversations they want users to share comments, doubts, suggestions or ask questions. Anunico Classifieds launched the first part of our integration with Facebook, where you can publish your free classified ads to and pasting the same ad on Facebook sharing it with their friends. In this way not only their classified ads will be seen by thousands of people through but that his followers on facebook also will see them immediately. For example, can be placed on the wall your link of the classified ad published in, for example: I’m looking for used car. Apart from being able to view ads published and related, your friends can easily share their opinions, data or knowledge of: looking for used car what else you would to do? We would love to hear your ideas about what we should do with Facebook in Anunico.

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